A downloadable Card RPG Game

Art Seizure is a competitive Heist RPG on a postcard or business card for 1 - 4 players.  

4 world class thieves are trying to steal the fabulous McGuffin Painting.  Who will get through the security measures first to snatch it?

You will need

  • Pen and paper to track rounds
  • a D4

Choose a Thief Name.

Choose your Stats

Devise a quick backstory (this will pay off!)

Attempt to overcome the measures in place to stop you.

Successfully bypass all measures first to win!

Single player mode - can you set a personal best time in terms of rounds?

(Formatting for printing to be developed in future)

Install instructions

PDF. Will have a printable template file in future.


Art Seizure RPG Card v1.pdf 75 kB
Art Seizure Postcard Format v1.png 118 kB
Art Seizure Postcard Format v1 Low Ink.png 67 kB

Development log


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I love the blueprint aesthetic. With help from this card, I’ll steal that painting successfully this time!


Thank you! Big fan of your game raptor 2057.  Will have to check out the expansion.

Best of luck on your next heist.

Hahaha thank you! XD


I agree, the blueprint aesthetics are incredibly apt for this game.

The whole concept is great!